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Portland or Bust! It's Time for Ceramic Showcase 2019!!

So Croatia was great! And then I got home and it was all business. Work, work, work!! All of that hard work was for one of my best and most beloved shows: Ceramic Showcase!

Guess what?! I FINALLY made the poster!!! I've been trying for years and despite winning some awards in the past, this was the year that I finally made it! Feels good. Feels like I've finally accomplished something. You know, like I summited Mt Everest. Just kidding! It's not nearly as cold as that!

Anyways, if you're in Portland or near it this weekend, come on out to the show. It's FREE!!! There are demos, kids clay play, and lot's of AMAZING art to look at!! I'm in booth #43 (unless I'm cashiering). See you there!

Oregon Convention Center

Friday April 26: 10-7

Saturday April 27: 10-6

Sunday April 28: 10-4

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