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It's a Mother's Day miracle!!!! I'll be at Portland Saturday Market!!!!

The wait is over! Kind of. Anyways, I'll be at market for Mother's day weekend (May 12 & 13). I was in town a couple of weeks ago for Ceramic Showcase and still have some great inventory. That means I can make it into town for a market weekend. If you have been wanting something for yourself, or you're in need of something great for mom, come see me. I'll be in my new reserved space (very close to my space from last year) near the Skidmore Fountain.

On a side note, I'm getting closer to having a studio, so yay!! Building looks like it's going to be complicated and lengthy, so I am now exploring the possibility of renting a commercial space in Tillamook. If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to be back to work by June! Once that happens, I can make more regular appearances at Market and start taking custom orders again. Hooray!!

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