Limited Edition "Baby Beluga" Wall Pillow

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I am not sure there is anything cuter than a beluga whale! They seem to have such personality and intelligence. I hope to one day see one in the wild! This adorable pair is the first in a series of only 10 wall pillows to feature their images.

What is a wall pillow you ask? Well it's just that! Ceramic wall art that is made to look like a puffy pillow. I just love these pieces and what they can bring to your home decor. So unexpected and a fun play on the material of clay itself. Because after all, it is quite soft when you make things from it and only becomes like stone after firing!

Each wall pillow is made by hand and features an image made from a block stamp that was carved by yours truly! These are my version of a ceramic block print. They are also hand painted with glaze and fired to 2200 degrees. This particular wall pillow also features golden barnacles that have been added one at a time to give it an even more unique and one of a kind finish. The barnacles have been painted with 22k gold luster and require a third firing to melt and set the gold.

Approximately 7 inches tall X 9 inches wide X 2 inches deep

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