Day of the Dead Butter Dish

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I am soooooo in love with this butter dish!! This piece is truly a collector's item. It is completely handmade, sculpted, painted and there will never be another exactly like it. I always think I will get around to making something again, but the truth is that I never really know. With all the things that I enjoy making and things that I need to make in order to pay the bills, it can be hard to repeat too much. This piece features a polka dot and lines pattern on the top and probably has 20 different colored hand painted dots. The base is a aqua/mint color and the inside of the top is dark purple/blue! Totally functional, or just something really amazing to look at. Perhaps you celebrate Dia de los Muertos and there is a family member that loved butter?! I know that I do!

25% of this sale will benefit My Voice Music of Portland, OR

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