Day of the Dead Butter Dish

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I am soooooo in love with this butter dish!! Again, I seriously want to keep it, but I still have the very first bird butter dish that I made back in 2007. So, it's your lucky day!

This piece is truly a collector's item. It is completely handmade, sculpted, painted and there will never be another exactly like it. I always think I will get around to making something again, but the truth is that I never really know. With all the things that I enjoy making and things that I need to make in order to pay the bills, it can be hard to repeat too much. This piece features a polka dot pattern on the top and probably has 25 different colored hand painted dots. The base is a red/orange and the inside of the top is bright lime green! Totally functional, or just something really amazing to look at. Perhaps you celebrate Dia de los Muertos and there is a family member that loved butter?! I know that I do!

25% of this sale will benefit My Voice Music of Portland, OR

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