November 29, 2011

Mudshark Studio Holiday Show

It's about that time of year folks, when artists emerge crazy eyed from their studios ready to share with the world what they have been slaving away at for weeks! I am no exception. Since I do not have a private studio anymore, I have teamed up with some friends (and some strangers) to have a collective show with Mudshark Studios. There will be 21 of us in all showing off our goods. Lots of different pottery styles, some paintings, some metal sculptures and some ceramic sculptures as well. I would love to see as many familiar faces as I can (and maybe bring some less than familiar faces with you!) so hopefully you can make it to one of two weekends. Best selection will be on the first weekend, of course, so get there early! Also on both Fridays of the show, we will have live music, food and free beer! Cheers!

November 2, 2011

Out of the Fire: A Special Show of Ceramic Art

So I have a show coming up next week at the Doll Gardner Gallery in SW Portland! It sounds like a great show since I know I am in good company with some other really great ceramic artists. All the work featured in the show is to be made so that it can hang on the wall--something very different for an all ceramic show! I have some plates that can either be used traditionally or hung on the wall, as well as some of my textured wall pillows. As usual, it will be a down to the wire event for me and that makes for a whirlwind weekend! Wish me luck and I hope that some of you can make it!