September 14, 2011

The Latest and Greatest

So as some of you know, my husband and I recently sold our house. Which of course means that I also lost my studio! Currently I am renting space from a friend in Portland at Mudshark Studios. It's been fun to be in a new environment, and definitely takes some getting used to. There are now lots of people and lots of dogs around me all day, making for plenty of distractions! It has also been a bit chaotic because I have to produce enough work for two upcoming shows. The first is the Corvallis Fall Festival on September 24th and 25th and the second is the Local 14 Art Show running from September 29 through October 2nd. Both are known to be great shows and I am looking forward to them both!

Since I am now a full time studio artist, I have been making a greater effort to document some of my processes. Recently I have been making some butter dishes and here are some pics of that process. Enjoy!

First things first, a slab must be rolled and texture is added by rolling a carved roulette across the surface.

The slabs are then cut, folded and manipulated into the basic shape of the butter dish top. Some extra slab allows for a couple of salt and pepper shakers to be made as well.

Smooth slabs are used to create the bases for all the butter dishes and four square 'feet' need to be cut out and attached to each base.

All of the birdie knobs start out as a solid ball of clay and each one is made by hand, making them all individuals!

Once all the knobs are sculpted, they can be attached to the butter dish tops. The finished product is a flock of birdie butter dishes!

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Chris McClelland said...

I love the birdies!!! Your art has come such a longs ways. Congratulations!!!!