August 3, 2011

Strong Family Pitcher

Some friends asked me to create a special birthday gift for their mother, and this is a little glimpse into how I go about making such a piece.

So first the clay needs to be rolled out into a flat slab.

Once the clay is rolled to the desired thickness, then the fun begins!
I work with a variety of hand carved stamps to create the
designs on the piece. This heart stamp in the middle was
made just for you!

Once the designs are all stamped, then I can form the clay into the basic shape.
This would set over night and then the rest of the piece (bottom, handle and spout) would be assembled the next day.
Once everything is dry, the piece can be bisque fired and finally glazed.

And this is the final piece! I hope your family enjoys this and
I am so happy that you thought of me to create it for you!

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