November 22, 2010


Just posted a few new things on ETSY! Check back throughout the week for more!

November 17, 2010

Super RAD Holiday Show

One day only! I will be participating once again in the Super RAD PDX Holiday Social this coming Saturday. It is my first show of this year's holiday season and it's a great one. Not only will there be an amazing array of independent local artists, there will also be free beer, live music and a silent auction! The proceeds from the auction will directly benefit Ride Connection, a local nonprofit that provides transportation to the elderly and those in need. Portland Nursery will also be kicking off their holiday season that day, so it is sure to be a bustling shopping experience. I will be there with some great holiday gift ideas including some new items like salt cellars for the foodie in your life, cream and sugar sets, mugs, etc. I hope to see you all there and here are the details:

Portland Nursery
90th and Division
Saturday November 20th
2-6 PM

November 4, 2010

Like Christmas!

It never ceases to amaze me how after all these years of loading and unloading kilns, that every time I open a glaze kiln it's always exciting! Most of us in the biz refer to it being like Christmas, and it is. Your precious little gems that you spent all that time making and then glazing are finely coming to fruition. It's especially awesome when things turn out right when you open the kiln lid. Oh the joy!

November 1, 2010

From Start to Finish

So earlier I posted some of my sketches and the result of those sketches in half done form (I've posted them again for your convenience). I often forget to take photos once a piece is finished because usually there is some event that I need to get the work too. Like many artists I am a bit of a procrastinator or as I like to say I feel more creative under pressure! There is some truth to that because whenever I am faced with a deadline I always come up with some new idea and rather than waiting for the next event to unveil it, I push myself to get it done now. That usually means I am unloading a kiln the night before or even the day of a sale! Not unusual for potters. So in an attempt for self improvement, here are the finished results of the large bottle forms I showed in an earlier post. They range in height from 8 inches to 15 inches to give you an idea of scale. Each piece has a large image featured on it and text that is either inspired by that image or just words that inspire me. To accentuate the texture they are finished with a variety of color stains and glaze on the tops, arms, and bottom. I think they are quite fun!