September 13, 2010

Movin' On

So the West Linn Arts Festival was not the best show I've done in terms of sales. Honestly, that is what I expected going into it, so it makes the outcome less disappointing. It was however, a beautiful venue with loads of really good artists! So, I can only blame the economy for the lack of sales all around since it couldn't have been the work. Also, I would like to thank all of you who did come out to support both myself and the show! With that show over with, it is now time to focus on Clay Fest in Eugene and Local 14 here in Portland, both next month! I am really excited about both of these shows and I have started working on some new pieces that I hope to have ready by then. One of the new forms I am working on is a ceramic watering can! The idea was proposed to me a while back by a customer who had purchased a cake plate from me. Sometime it takes a while for an idea to make it all the way into a finished form, but better late then never! I am also working on some new really cute succulent planters and some new large scale teapots. I really hope that the community will come out and show some support for their local artisans by buying some work. Let's face it, we can't stay in business unless people buy! So think local and hand made for your upcoming holiday needs!!!!

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